Food for Thought

You are such a dear person and gentle and smart facilitator, Michelle. Thank you for inviting me to be part of the group today. Good food for thought and so wonderful to witness, once again, how God makes believers DIFFERENT from society at large… just by His presence in their lives.

J.D. Bailey, CO

Excerpts from the Leader’s Field Guide

Curious or Committed?

Big plans require big action. It’s far too easy to confuse our curiosity about a brilliant idea and our commitment to a brilliant idea! The better the idea, the more we want to see it come to fruition. We can fall in love with a new concept, yet we rarely fall in love with the effort necessary to bring a concept into reality. … [Read More...]

Heroes in a Crisis Culture

Oh no! It's a work crisis-- customers can't connect to mission critical software or a quality issue is discovered in the last shipment. It's time to call in the heroes. Heroes are people who typically work behind the scenes while maintaining massive expertise about the inner-workings of company's systems, processes, and requirements. … [Read More...]

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